Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SPARKFINDER: Project 1.0: PSILL - Battle Mage

As my initial run on this Sparkfinder track I wanted to get something down. This is a pen sketch turned Photoshop Illustration. This is the initial rough to be fleshed out.


After getting down the rough composition and body I'll start fleshing out the rest of the detail. I wanted to block in the major light source, being the energy blast and glow from the eye. To be continued on Sparkfinder.

I also want to spend some time finding some references for my digital graphic novel Getting It On. I did a series of designs in grad school that used an all Illustrator pencil style that I think could work for the graphic novel in order to get it done quickly.

I'll find some examples and post. I'm starting to come up with cover thumbnails and logo designs for Getting It On as well. Next time my ninjas.

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