Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SPARKFINDER: Project 1.0: PSILL - Battle Mage

As my initial run on this Sparkfinder track I wanted to get something down. This is a pen sketch turned Photoshop Illustration. This is the initial rough to be fleshed out.


After getting down the rough composition and body I'll start fleshing out the rest of the detail. I wanted to block in the major light source, being the energy blast and glow from the eye. To be continued on Sparkfinder.

I also want to spend some time finding some references for my digital graphic novel Getting It On. I did a series of designs in grad school that used an all Illustrator pencil style that I think could work for the graphic novel in order to get it done quickly.

I'll find some examples and post. I'm starting to come up with cover thumbnails and logo designs for Getting It On as well. Next time my ninjas.


Over the last few weeks I have been feeling a little disjointed from what I can call...life. So I've come to the realization that making the move to Florida, although amazing for my family-life, has been kinda sorta horrible for me.

I lost my lust for all things I used to love, i.e. comicbooks, movies, music, art, design, illustration, gaming, etc.

I've lost my inner "spark."

My wife and I have had a few discussions on why I am the way I am. I truly believe it is because all the things I just listed above, I have nobody to discuss those things with. Back home I had my friends, my students, my cousins, and the playgroup at school. Here in Florida, I basically have nobody on the same nerdastic level that I am on. Not coworkers, family members, nobody. My students have been cool, our discussions on fanboy shit are epic but its just not the same.

What can I do about finding my spark!?! I could find new friends, which I sort of did with some of the people at the comicbook store, but beyond Magic, we have nothing in common. And, plenty of them cannot relate to me since I'm a little older and don't live in my mom's basement (I live in my mom's guestroom for the time being, more on that later).

The other thing was I try following people I know back home on various social networks, i.e. Facebook and Twitter, plenty of my creative peers are doing cool things like coming up with new illustrations, doing Wizard World and C2E2, having solo shows on Clark and Belmont, running a letterpress company on Etsy, and interesting logos for business clientele, while I'm fucking designing Tater Man logos for a produce company in bumpkin Lakeland, FL. I've made my bed with that so I really can't complain (I do some other epic shit for work BTW).

Lastly, I've always told my wife to find her passion in life, beyond working and family, to find a hobby, and in turn she has. She has started to dabble in eBaying items as her pastime. AND SHE LOVES IT! I'm very happy for her for sure and at the same time kind of envious that she found that spark and mine has been fading away. She gets to be creative, business savvy and shopper savvy all at the same time. I'm glad she is happy and has found her niche.

After a few weeks, some soul searching, talks with my awesome wife, and watching Thor, I decided that  finding that spark was critical. I feel like the Autobots in the live action Transformer movies looking for that damn cube.

My blog Funcrusher Plus will now incorporate this amazing idea, Sparkfinder, that my wife, my muse, has given me. Sparkfinder is a way to be creative, even on the smallest level, on a day-to-day basis. What is Sparkfinder going to be? It's like the Julie & Julia of art and design. I will try to create something new, large or small, creatively and report it to my Sparkfinder Blog, but on a DAILY BASIS.


I want to make sure that is known. I will try my best to upkeep the Sparkfinder part of my blog as best as I can. Funcrusher Plus also encompasses Sparkfinder but this new idea is more direct and to the point of what I want to accomplish.


I have created a creative bucketlist which I've discussed in the past. I will revisit that list and try to accomplish the things I want to do.

First few things on the list: Children's Book and Original Graphic Novel

Almost every night I read a story to my son Phoenix. It has given me some inspiration to create from an idea I had the last time I lost my spark (and my muse/wife got me out of that funk too. God, I love her). My children's idea will be called The Adventures of Kobi & Christopher. Not it is not about me as a kid. It is about a kid with a huge imagination. Think Calvin & Hobbes to get an idea.

After reading such awesome graphic novels as Blankets, Box Office Poison, Strangers in Paradise, etc. I have always wanted to write and illustrate my own book. I'll take an idea for a script I wrote in my college filmwriting class, practice some of my storyboarding skills, and create a page at a time until he book is done. I'll post each page on the blog as it progresses. I want to create the book entirely digital but using mainly Illustrator as the creative platform. The script is called Getting It On, it follows 3-4 narratives involving different college kids and takes place one night in the city of Chicago. Hope I get there.

Wish me luck!

It's going to be...wait for it...

LEGEND...I hope you're not lactose intolerant...

NPH has finally dropped. Ever since the God-book spoiled all of us Magic players, we are finally able to rock the set in formats.

I didn't get a chance to play in any Standard FNMs nor the SCG Orlando. Sad face. Here is some backstory: I had a chance to rock at least two FNMs since the last time I played with Tezzeret Deck Wins. But I decided to just chill with my son, Phoenix, instead. Its infinitely more awesome hanging out with the kid then a bunch of sweaty-stinky nerds (actually, a lot of them are pretty cool but the D-bags know who they are). And SCG Orlando was a pipe dream because here is the realization: I'm never going to be a professional Magic player so why bother. I made a run back in the day during the days of Ernham Djinn's dominance. I even made some Top 8s and a 2nd place finish to qualify for a PT. But I was young, still in school, wasn't married or have kids, which are infinitely more important to me these days. PTQ grinding is not a priority and wasting time and money at an SCG event, although probably would have been cool, wasn't a good idea. I honestly hate the rooms filled with all those guys that take this game WAAAAAY to seriously. In my opinion, unless you're a qualified pro and Magic is your livelyhood like Gerry T, AJ Sacher, Edgar Flores, LSV, etc. doing all the traveling and competing is a pipe dream. I understand that. So my dreams of taking RDW to a Top 8 finish of an SCG event is just that, a dream. Plus, I never really test anymore or have anyone to play with to any degree of consistency so I'm sure I would have had my ass handed to me, went 0-4 and dropped. Instead I hung out with the wife and kid. Had some sushi and chilled.

Rant over, back to some Magic talk...

So why do I keep blogging about this dumb game that I'm never going to go professional at, nor have the time to play?


Okay, Neil Patrick Harris is now legal in Magic. What have all the pros gleaned from this fact?

The obvious answers that must be prepared for are as follows:
1. Splinter Twin/Deciever Exarch is legit. If your deck cannot deal with the EOT Flash monster into turn 4 you're dead? Then your deck has no business in Standard.

2. Mental Mistep is the big news for Legacy and it has made a splash in SCG Orlando. Plenty of the Top 16 decks rocked a playset because it stops SOOOO many of the important spells in Legacy. Since the curve in the format is so low and the format is so fast, 1-drops are abundant. Mistep stops some important cards such as: Thoughtseize, Brainstorm, Sensei's Divining Top, Swords to Plowshares, High Tide, Candelabra of Twanos, Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Goblin Lackey, etc.

3. Spellskite is also a bomb card. For a 2cc 0/4 blocker and its ability to redirect spells AND abilities to it changes the way the game is played. There are plenty of articles and podcasts that get into it so I won't. But the card is good. I need to finish a playset because I think it can be Legacy playable.

In Standard every deck needs to deal with the Turn 4 kill you combo that is Splinter/Exarch. Here are some of the concoctions I'm thinking about:

Naya Vengeine
Big Red One
Aggro Valakut
Eldrazi Green

I'll run down a few of the lists with the new cards from Neil Patrick Harris and talk about why I think the decks could be good. Here we go!

The implications of Caw-Blade's dominance and the rise of Splinter Twin/Exarch combo has changed the way Standard looks. Valakut is completely a dead format, although still good, just cannot beat Caw-Blade. The same goes for Vengevine strategies. Caw-Blade is basically a mid-range deck that can go aggro when need be or control versus the aggressor. It wins off the back of a ton of card advantage. Every card is either a cantrip or more. So how can you beat that strategy and not be Caw-Blade? Let's face it, I'm probably not going to buy into Jace until he is gone why down in price and only to play him in Legacy and upcoming Extended or God willing Over-Extended format (fingers crossed on that one). So I really just refuse to go get a playset of Jace (I could, I just don't. Not really my playstyle). 

In order to beat the sea of card advantage you must be just as equal in card advantage or better and play a similar game. If I'm not Caw-Blade then what am I?

Squadron Hawk x 4
Stoneforge Mystics x 4
Inferno Titan x 2
Cunning Sparkmage x 3
Koth of the Hammer x 4
Chandra Nalaar x 3
Lightning Bolt x 4
Volt Charge x 3
Tezzerets Gambit x 4
Sword of Feast and Famine x 1
Sword of War and Peace x 1
Batterskull x 1
Basilisk Collar x 1
Arid Mesa x 4
Scalding Tarn x 3
Marsh Flats x 2
Plains x 7
Mountains x 9

I have been known to play some blue spells but if you're playing Standard and not playing Jace the Mindsculptor then you are playing wrong. Since I am more of an aggro player and have a lust for Lightning Bolt I figured I'd try to mash-up a couple of different strategies, mainly the aggro side of Boros and card advantage side of Caw-Blade.

Squadron Hawk/Stoneforge/Sword Package: This package is also relevant in both strategies as it is your main card advantage engine. I decided to cut SoBoM in lieu of Basilisk Collar to equip with my red dudes. Squad Hawk is good as an aggressor as well as a defender. Stoneforge is a great tutor engine that gets you all of your bombs, especially the newest and sickest equipment, Batterskull.

Red Dudes: The Inferno Titan and Cunning Sparkmage package can act as a renewable source of card advantage. They can continually assassinate creatures on board or nug opponents' life total. Combo'd with Basilisk collar, most creatures are not safe on board. Also, Sparkmage and Collar is a good renewable way to deal with Spellskite and if you can get the jump it can beat Splinter Twin/Exarch combo as long as they don't have a Spellskite already in play.

Planeswalkers: Instead of the blue of Cawblade in Jace and Gideon I turned to their red "equals" if you will: Koth of the Hammer and Chandra Nalaar. Since day 1 of his spoiling and reading Mike Flores's article, I have been crazy for some Koth. He just does so many awesome things: he's a renewable source of 4 damage, can help you ramp if need be, and if his ultimate is turned on, you should probably win that game. Chandra may seem a bit questionable because of her high casting cost but Gideon is also a 5cc and sees a lot of play. Her pinging ability isn't her greatest asset, its her pinpoint sniper ability that does it for me. She can either trade with a Titan at six or start assassinating dudes on board but the fact she is a re-useable source or creature kill she can generate card advantage.

Spells: I'm sure you can guess from the list that there is a small proliferate sub-theme in the deck in Volt Charge and Tezzeret's Gambit. Volt Charge can kill a dude and power-up Koth and Chandra. Gambit will draw you two and power-up. It is something I want to test and think could be solid if you can set up that line of play. I just want to drop Koth and swing for 4/4 mountain then follow it up next turn with Volt Charge and have Koth at ultimate already. Seems like it could be good. I dunno yet. And of course Lightning Bolt maindeck seems good too.

Here are just a couple of other deck ideas I've had since NPH Godbook dropped. For some reason I'm in love with Volt Charge and Beast Within.

Inferno Titan x 3
Kuldotha Phoenix x 3
Tumble Magnet x 4
Everflowing Chalice x 3
Sphere of the Suns x 3
Lightning Bolt x 4
Galvanic Blast x 4
Volt Charge x 4
Tezzerets gambit x 4
Shrine of the burning rage x 2
Mox Opal x 3
Contagion Clasp x 1
Ratchet Bomb x 1
Tectonic Edge x 3
Valakut Molten Pinnacle x 4
Mountains x 14

Basilisk collar x 1
Batterskull x 1
Sword of feast and famine x 1
Sword of war and peace x 1
Lightning bolt x 4
Beast from within x 2
Stoneforge mystic x 4
Birds of paradise x 4
Llanowar elves x 2
Nest invader x 2
Vengevine x 4
Fauna shaman x 4
Baneslayer angel x 1
Acidic slime x 1
Inferno titan x 2
Cunning sparkmage x 3
Stirring wildwood x 3
Raging ravine x 3
Razorverge thicket x 4
Copperline gorge x 4
Sunpetal grove x 1
Rootbound crag x 1
Arid mesa x 2
Verdant catacombs x 2
Plains x 1
Mountain x 1
Forests x 2

I'll build, test at FNM and see what happens.

I also am looking to finally try and build some Legacy decks I've been talking about for months. Crazy Talk podcast has really gotten me back on the bandwagon for Legacy. We'll see what happens there.

Peace out bitches!!!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

40 Days and 40 Nights

So I technically didn't give up Magic for Lent but I haven't played since before Lent began. It was like giving up a vice for sure.

I finally have a chance to play at last week's FNM rocking Martin Juza's Tezzeret Forgemaster deck. Its kind of a combo/control deck that uses Kuldotha Forgemaster to search up a few win conditions: Mindslaver, Myr Battlesphere, or Blightsteel Colossus.

Here is the deck I rocked:

Kuldotha Forgemaster x 4
Blightsteel Colossus x 1
Myr Battlesphere x 1
Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas x 4
Jace Beleren x 3
Ratchet Bomb x 3
Sphere of the Suns x 4
Everflowing Chalice x 4
Contagion Clasp x 3
Tumble Magnet x 4
Mindslaver x 1
Inquisition of Kozilek x 4
Duress x 1
Halimar Depths x 2
Inkmoth Nexus x 4
Creeping Tarpits x 4
Darkslick Shores x 4
Drowned Catacombs x 4
Islands x 2
Swamps x 3

Wurmcoil Engine x 3
Go for the Throat x 4
Duress x 3
Jace Beleren x 1
Ratchet Bomb x 1
Black Sun's Zenith x 3

My reason for rocking the deck is because of the acquisition of Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas and the STOOPID GOOD things he is able to accomplish. The problem with the deck is that it is part blue and without Jace the Mind Sculptor, I would be at a disadvantage. I didn't care. OG Jace worked out for me actually. Being able to net all the card advantage is so important in the game.

What I learned about the deck is the various roads to victory it can take. The combo with Forgemaster is nice and your first strategy IMO. Being able to tutor out Blightsteel basically ends games. And it can totally be a sucker-punch to the neck for the unprepared. EOT Blightsteel, untap, swing for the win? Good game. Tutoring up Mindslaver seemed less relevant to me and underperformed IMO. There was only 2 situations where I played it. Both times lead to victories but it was still weak to me. I'll get there. Myr Battlesphere also seemed weak to me and I only tutored it up once in all the games I played.

The other roads to victory are obvious Tezzeret 5/5 beatdown mode. Turning Spheres or Chalices into 5/5s is funny. Another victory, which is fucking hilarious, turning Inkmoth Nexus into a 5/5, getting two hits in and poisoning dude out. That's awesome. The other plans: C and D are Jace mill and Creeping Tarpit beats.

I got there a bit early and played some games with George, an older dude who is very nice and always brings his rogue builds to FNM. Props to him for that. I played Tezzeret to get a feel for the deck and it was pretty fucking money. I beat him handedly in two games then lost with my GW Aggro list. I tossed my board together and decided to rock the deck for the night.

Usually I'm a Green and/or Red player but that night I wanted to take the powerful Planeswalker for a spin.

Round 1: John playing RB Homebrew Control
This dude looked exactly like my friend JACO from back in the day. While I played him I kept thinking he was Jaco, when we used to rock Type 1 and 2 tournaments 10 years. Feels like forever ago. John is a very solid player and does not make many mistakes. He knows his deck to a "T" and all the interactions it provides him.

Game 1: I ramp up with Chalice and stick Tezzeret turn 3 and start digging and going for cheap artifacts because I have Forgemaster in hand. John plays out Hexmage which I contagion clasp. He sticks Abyssal Prosecutor and I stick a tumble magnet and tap it down a few times. I stick Jace and let him draw to keep him out of Bolt range. I stick a Forgemaster and pass. He comes at me to get rid of my last
Magnet counter. I declare a Proliferate off of Clasp, increase counters on Chalice, Jace, Tez, and Magnet. He's like, "Wait! What?!?" He reads the card, shakes his head and passes. I EOT sack some shit and fetch out Blightsteel. He scoops.

I curved out perfectly and hit all my guys with little disruption from him. From what I can gather he's playing a deck a dude I know, Flavio, was rocking a time ago. Its a solid deck with tons of 2-for-1ing and mad card advantage. In his defense, I was running on all cylinders while he was stuck on 4 lands. I side out Battlesphere and put in Jace. I also take out some shit for 2 more duress.

Game 2: He goes first and Inquisitions me. He snags a Chalice. I have Tez in hand too. No ramping for me. I draw a Sphere, play Tarpit and pass. He plays Hexmage. I play Clasp instead of Sphere. He plays Mimic Vat, I'm like, "Fuck." I play Tez and dig getting a Forgemaster. He plays a Prosecutor and Bolts Tez to 1. I play Jace and just draw for myself. He untaps, Bolts Jace and swings in to Tez. FML. I stick a late Tumble Magnet which I use to stall the game for a while with Clasp. He eventually sticks Liliana and start searching up his Silver Bullets. He eventually Into the Core (2-for-1) my Magnet and Clasp, 4cc destroys land or artifacts, my other magnet. He sticks Sarkhan the Mad, turns his prosecutor into a 5/5 Dragon, imprints Mimic Vat with Prosecutor and I scoop.

Not killing his Vess was the biggest mistake I made that game. He was able to get all his sideboard action to hate out my artifacts. I put in one more Duress to snag his hate cards.

Game 3: Epic rubber match. I go first get an early Jace and some ramp along with Magnet and Clasp out. He gets his Vat and a Clasp out (which I assume is to pump his Planeswalkers). I get Tez and dig for a Ratchet Bomb to pop his Vat. I Duress him multiple times this game drawing all his destroy artifact hate and just out play him this game. Everything he dropped I had an answer. Vat gets Ratchet Bombed, Persecutor is locked down with never ending Magnet/Clasp, Vess gets smacked with a Creeping Tarpit to death. I even Mindslaver him, use his spell to kill another Vat and his clasp and bolt his own dude. I eventually get enough artifacts out to ultimate Tezzeret and bullseye him for 16. Fucking epic.

After the game, he admitted to just straight up being outplayed, which makes me feel good because he ended up going 3-1-1 for the night, his only loss was to me. :) Hope to play this dude again in the future. He forced me to play super tight.

Round 2: Douche Bag guy playing Kuldotha Red!
This guy was like a ripped out oompa loompa with bad teeth. His play mechanics were tight for sure but he was kind of a dick so I really hated playing this dude. He was on Kuldotha Red, basically taking two event packs, mashing them together and calling it a deck. Its a fine deck if you like that strategy, it is kind of difficult to play optimally as well. Doing the math and knowing your drops for maximum damage is critical. He seemed like a veteran player but was noobish to the entirety of the latest sets.

Game 1: I opens with Mountain, Signal Pest and I know already what's coming. I go Tarpit pass. He goes Mountain, two more Signal Pests and passes. I'm like, "Shit." I go Shores, Chalice. He goes Bushwacker kicked and swings for 14. I go Tezzeret and make a 5/5 but it's irrelevant since he has the bolt in hand. I can block one guy but his battle cryers go off all over my face.

I side in another Ratchet Bomb, 3 Black Sun Zenith's and 2 Duress.

Game 2: I have a choice to make: either play my tapped land so I can ramp into Tez by turn 3 or open with Shores into Inquisition and hopefully grab a Signal Pest, Kuldotha Rebirth, Bushwhacker or anything that will end my life. I choose to go for a ramp into Tez. He goes Mountain, Chimeric Mass for 0 and Kuldotha Rebirth. FML. I told him I made the wrong play. I untap, play a Shores THEN Inquisition thinking it was too late. FML. He has another Kuldotha Rebirth, Signal Pest, Wardriver, Mountain and Bushwhacker. Either way I'm fucked. I take the Rebirth. He plays Signal Pest and swings for 3. I play land, Ratchet Bomb and pass. He goes Contested War Zone and swings for 6. Second mainphase he plays another Rebirth sacing the Pest and passes. I play Tez, make a 5/5 and pass. He plays Mountain, Bushwhacker kicked and says, "Attack step?" I pop the Ratchet Bomb for 0. He turns the card around and says, "I should be better at this game!" and laughs. It doesn't matter though. His next few turns go like this. War Driver, Bushwhacker kicked and Goblin Lord dude and I'm dead. FML.

Kuldotha Red is a solid strategy, very fast and just destroys dreams. But it is so single-minded I find it difficult to sleeve up and rock.

Round 3: Christian with Esper Rogue
Not sure if this is the dude's name. I've played him before and he's a nice guy and really only started playing late last year. Last time I played him I ran Boros and aggroed him out but this time it was a long drawn out match for sure.

Game 1: He pretty much does irrelevant things while I play Tez, into Kuldotha for a Blightsteel EOT for the win. I don't remember much.

Game 2: He actually gets going with some critical removal by snagging my Tumble Magnet with Inquisition and gets his Blightsteel out using Shape Anew. I lay a Tez and he infects me out. What are the chances of back to back Blightsteel kills from two different decks? LOL.

Game 3: This is the oddest game I played all night. He plays some cantrips in Wall of Omens which is pseudo irrelevant since I don't really have dudes that swing. He Trinket Mages his only artifact in Chalice so he can Shape Anew next turn, knowing I don't run counterspells. I snag the only artifact with Duress. He Shape Anews my Clasp and I hit a Chalice for 0. "That's the best outcome I could have hoped for." Awkward for me. I'm holding my Blightsteel in hand. So my outs are to stall and play the Blightsteel. By this time we are trading Creeping Tarpit hits back and forth. I get a few Inkmoth hits in as well and I'm digging with Tez to find artifact mana accelerants to get this Blightsteel out. He eventually Go for the Throats my Tarpit to shut down my free damage. I get enough artifacts out to ultimate with Tezzeret for the win. Just in time too because he had Elspeth AND Venser out. Sick.

Round 4: Danny playing UB Tezzeret Control (with only 2 Tez that he comments about numerous times). He is probably around my age and talks as if he's been playing a while. He name drops Legacy a lot. He is a tight player but I get the feeling he's been away from the game for while or he is off and on playing, just like me.

Game 1: He wins the roll and opens with Creeping Tarpit and Contagion Clasp. I open with Tarpit and Sphere of the Sun. He plays land and passes. I drop little Jace and draw. He plays Phyrexian Revoker and calls Jace Beleren. Damn. I play Tezzeret and dig. He plays land, Tumble Magnet and passes. I play Kuldotha Forgemaster, which he Doom Blades EOT. I basically have a dead Jace on board and in hand because I cannot actually kill the Revoker. I keep making artifacts 5/5 and swing until I drain my own Tez. He goes, "Let me guess. You have another Tezzeret in hand?” I drop Tez and dig for a Forgemaster. I stick the Forgemaster and pass. He plays a land and passes with no action. I draw, play land, play Tumble Magnet and pass. He plays a land and passes. I EOT his Tumble Magnet then EOT Forgemaster for Blightsteel and he scoops.

Game 2: He is shaking his head the whole time since he had a Jace the Mindsculptor in his grip the entire time, which probably would have won him the game since the only thing I have against a Jace is Ratchet Bomb (or beat it down). This game isn’t even fair. I am able to clog the board enough with Tez and Jace and Forgemaster. I can stick Tumble Magnets for days but when he hits double Precursor Golem it spells the end of my game and we are one to Game 3 with 10 minutes left.

Game 3: With only 10 minutes left we know we will go to time on this game. Danny exclaims, “I’m going aggro on you brother!” He sides back in more Pre-Cursors and Phyrexian Revokers I’m sure. I take out some discard action for 3 Wurmcoil Engines hoping to ramp into them.

We both go Tarpit and I go ramp spell. He goes Clasp and passes. I go Tez and dig. I realize when time is called that going for a 5/5 would have been the optimal play since the following turn Danny goes Revoker set to Tezzeret. FML. I smack him with my Tarpit for a few turns while he tags me with a Revoker as I Magnet his Tarpit and we go to a draw.

We decided to roll for the win and he got it. No biggie. He got paired up with this rogue deck builder named George who SMASHED him with his Red-Green Aggro deck. It was a slaughter. Had I got the win I would have played that. No thanks.

Round 5: Christian with Pyromancers Ascension combo. This is the last round and really being 2-1-1 but taking the 2-2 I got super paired down since many players drop at this point. Christian is 1-3. He’s a good kid that needs to learn a lot to become a better player. Padawan anyone?

Game 1: I get a Ratchet Bomb and set it to 2 for his Ascension action that he never gets online. I eventually ramp and ramp into Kuldotha Forgemaster as he continues to dig and bolt me trying to get his combo going. Next turn I tutor out Blightsteel and he scoops.

Game 2: He sideboards nothing as I side in the 4th Ratchet Bomb and the balance of my Duresses to snag his action early. Doesn’t matter as I ramp and ramp into Tezzeret and start being him down with 5/5 Inkmoth Nexus for a few turns.

Christian is a good kid but has tons to learn about the game. Like he never left mana open for EOT or response effects. He could easily have killed my Inkmoths or countered Tez had he left mana open. Shrugs.

All in all it was a fun night of FNM. As I write this it’s a week later. Another FNM has passed that I could have played in but didn’t want to deal with driving to Tampa. Tezzeret is a superr fun deck with tons of options and outs. I really like the Infect plan as odd as that is to say. One-hit Wonder Blightsteel is the way to go. In no match up did I ever have the same kill two games in a row. Either it was Blightsteel, ultimating Tez, Inkmoth beat down, Mindslaver, Forgemaster into Battlesphere, etc. Good times to be had.

By the time I’m done writing my mind is set on playing in SCG Orlando Open Series. I think Red Deck Wins will be a good option because people will be going Phyrexian Mana crazy since it will be the first even that NPH (Neil Patrick Harris? LOL) is legal. At a large event like a Standard Open with maybe 400-500 players, playing Red Deck Wins will feel comfortable. Funny how when I started getting back into Standard RDW was the first deck I tried then graduated up to other archetypes. Now I’m back where I started, throwing Lightning Bolts at a ninja’s face. Can’t wait. Plus, the deck is super easy to build.

Other options include: Valakut with Beast Within added, Boros (not a real deck anymore L), BR Vampires (which is my second option),  Big Red or GW Vengevine action. I doubt I’ll be able to test since I don’t know anyone.

Til next time! I’ll have at least one more FNM to play then SCG Orlando. Funny story too: my cousin asked if I wanted to do a family Moffit 5K run for cancer. I initially said yes. She’d run for her dad. My other cuzo would naturally run in honor of his mom (my aunt) and I’d run in honor of my brother (who died 11-12 years ago of cancer). But I realize that playing in the Magic tournament would probably be more honoring for my brother in a 5K since he was the one that got me addicted to this dumbass game more then 15 years ago. Hopefully I won’t completely scrub out.

My next blog will probably be some deck ideas with NPH added. Beast Within should probably be in EVERY deck. Peace out my ninjas!